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Talent Management

We first meet to learn about and gain insight into the organizational needs and direction we hope to influence. We then evaluate your current talent processes, meeting with HR and line managers to gain a better understanding of the current process and identify opportunities for alternative actions.

Talent Alignment

We work with you to evaluate the effectiveness of current talent practices based on user experience, design, and measurable results. We then use the findings to guide your team in designing a future-focused talent flow that starts with the user experience in mind.

Talent Development

To create an end-to-end strategy, we collaborate to design a talent development strategy for both leaders and teams. We facilitate conversations that identify contemporary solutions to workforce development and organizational synergy.

Our Approach

Are you seeking greater retention, highly-skilled, resilient employees, and a diverse talent pool?

It has never been more apparent that an organization's most precious resource is its people. We work with small and medium businesses to develop long-term, "people-focused" talent solutions.

We work together to assess, build, and execute effective, modern solutions to improve talent alignment, increase employee-leadership interactions, and maximize performance to foster long-term organizational growth.

  • Everything Wiley DiSC psychometric tools

  • Ad Hoc Talent Consulting

  • Learner-led Facilitation & Workshops

Military Spouse Integration is our passion and specialty, and we harness their diversity, ingenuity, and resilience to create innovation and meet organizational goals.

Strengthening organizations through TALENT.

  • Talent M.A.D Strategy
  • Performance Consulting

  • Military Spouse Integration Programs

Our Solutions 


  • Applicant/Employee Experience

  • Holistic End to end Talent Strategy

  • Retention/Succession Initiatives

  • Resilient & Diverse Work force

  • Military Spouse Integration Programs


  • Leadership Coaching

  • Team Coaching

  • Talent Strategy Coaching

  • Small Business Talent Coaching


  • Learner-Led Workshop Facilitation

  • Curriculum Development

  • Everything DiSC Training ​

  • ​Everything DiSC Assessment

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