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Strengthening organizations through people

Our interest has always been DEVELOPMENT and PEOPLE throughout the past 30 years. It has shown itself in a variety of ways in our professions, from operating an English school in Japan to holding senior positions in various industries. Leadership is more than a title to us; it is a way of life. When you are willing to do and say the difficult things, you will grow. Diversity is a culture that values many points of view and fosters creativity.


As we approached our retirement years, we wanted to accomplish something that combined our experiences, expertise, passions, and way of life. We considered what we both loved and were competent at, and M.A.D. Talent Solutions was born. M.A.D Talent Solutions enables us to have an influence on three areas in which we both have experience: people leadership and growth. Serving clients across the United States permits us to travel in our Grand Design 381M.

International Speaker & Facilitor

Diverse Industry Experience

Certified Human Resource Professional

We assist small to medium-sized businesses in being competitive and appealing in today's labor market. Organizations are being urged to abandon pre-pandemic thinking in favor of developing a "people plan" that can endure future upheavals. We assist your business to enjoy a diversified, resilient culture and higher leadership efficacy by using lessons gained from recent upheavals and applying a "people-based" strategy. Capturing and sustaining a relevant and competitive advantage for talent acquisition and retention. We strengthen your organization through talent.

We know a thing or two about people, agility, and resilience after 30+ years as a military family, 11 moves, 4 continents, 15 years of homeschooling, and many separations.

TFI at a glance

Military Spouse & Veteran Owned 

Diversity, resilience and ingenuity. 30+ years of connection and experience as a military family. 

Learning & Development Experience

Military professionals to youth

Talent Management 

Curriculum Development

20+ years of combined leadership

Authorized DiSC Partner


  • ACI  Confidence Coach

  • Life Purpose Life Coach

  • SHRM-Foundation Veterans at work


  • Criterion Reference Foundations

  • Certified Master Trainer


"Nicole is most definitely a unique and captivating educator. Her command of a room doubt grabs you by the heels of your feet. She is a people person and is committed to the success of others."

Pete Morales


"Nicole is a leader. She is able to communicate with people both young and old. Having Nicole on your team is an asset and a wise decision. She will do whatever is necessary to get the job done."

Margarita Munden

Exclusive Agent

"I was looking for more effective ways to lead my staff and to increase performance. Nicole came highly recommended. Hiring Nicole was the best decision I could’ve made!"

Helen Kado

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